Rates & Fees

Golf Rates   (Guests & HVL POA Residents) (Walk or Ride)

Regular Weekday                            9 Holes                    $23.00

Regular Weekday                          18 Holes                    $33.00

Regular Weekend                            9 Holes                    $25.00

Regular Weekend                          18 Holes                    $40.00

Junior Golf Rates  (Age 15 & Under)

Regular Junior                                  9 Holes                    $  9.00

Regular Junior                                18 Holes                    $17.00

**All players must check in at Pro Shop Prior to playing. No one is allowed on golf course prior to opening of Pro Shop.

HVL POA Residents Restricted Times Of Play

On Holidays (Open of Golf Course to 1:00pm)

Wednesday (Open of Golf Course/Range to 1:00 pm).

Saturday & Sunday (Open of Golf Course to 12:00 Noon).

*HVGC may have other scheduled events that may restrict play or close golf course for a specific date (Ex. Outings).  Please call Pro Shop prior to playing.

Golf Cart Rates   (Members)

Riding Cart                                        9 Holes                     $ 9.00

Riding Cart                                      18 Holes                    $17.00

Cart Trail Fee  (Privately Owned Cart – Members Only)

Individual    (Annual)                                                      $750.00

Family          (Annual)                                                      $800.00


USGA GHIN Handicap Service Available

$35.00 Per Person/Per Golf Season

$15.00 Junior/Per Golf Season


Dress Code     (April – September)     Golf Course Play & Practice Range Use

No Denim Jeans of Any Kind

(Blue, Black, Other).

No T-Shirts

Must Wear Proper Golf Attire.

Shorts of Tasteful Length.

Relaxed Attire (Oct.,Nov., Dec., Jan, Feb., Mar.)